SLOVCLEAN also grew in 2014

Last year the company Slovclean worked for 152 clients and looked after the cleanliness and order of 2,538 facilities throughout Slovakia.

The year on year growth in turnover of the company increased by 20%. In 2014 the company employed 1,976 workers, which also represents an increase of 20% compared to the previous year.

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SMARTVIEW monitoring system already in SLOVCLEAN

Since the new year, the tool SMARTVIEW has been introduced for the mobile monitoring and management of workers at Slovclean.

Thanks to it, the company, but mainly clients gain an overview of work time and all activities carried out by workers for the client. SmartView allows you to monitor working time and attendance, the monitoring of the completion of specific tasks, to quickly identify problems and take corrective action, watch the most important property and its maintenance or manage cleaning efficiency oriented on output. Through the use of this tool, the company wants to achieve better employee performance, and thus a higher satisfaction of their clients.

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In Maximus there is a new functional zone SYNRGY 360

The training system of the future

Our fitness center was the first in Slovakia to introduce a revolutionary fitness system - the SYNRGY 360 functional zone. It is a multifunctional fitness device designed for the perfect training of the entire body, primarily with its own weight.

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